Tuesday, 26 May 2015


If you've been reading the Tillerman you will know that he's taken delivery of one of the first RS Aero dinghies to be delivered to the Boston fleet.

I spotted one on the Lymington river over the bank holiday weekend. Chatting to the owner this one is number 175 (they use a 4 digit sail number) bought last November, with numbers now over 500 there are boats at both Lymington Town SC and the Royal Lymington SC plus a few other clubs along the Solent including our local Warsash SC.

Apparently RS can arrange a test sail at several locations locally, but such was the owner's enthusiasm he offered me a sail then and there, alas we had no sailing gear with us.


  1. Looks like a big rig..?? Bet she goes nicely!

  2. Yes, that's the 9 rig (9 square meters) the biggest of the three Aero rigs. There are also 5 and 7 rigs.

    Is there a child also in the boat in that first picture?

  3. TM yes the sailor had his son with him guess about 7 or 8 years old. Joseph was keen to have a go.


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