Monday 16 March 2015

No more heroes anymore

"Ben's put you on the guest list for the Stranglers concert on Monday night." Ben, I should explain is Erica's nephew and a member of the Strangler's tour crew who are playing Portsmouth tonight.

In the event I couldn't go, but Erica took Joseph along to the sound check after school. Seen here Joseph getting guitar lessons from cousin Ben who is a fine musician and singer. Joseph and Erica also got to meet drummer Jet Black doing his sound check and still out and doing it well into his 70's.

All the tour crew made Joseph really welcome, how cool is that for a "nearly 6 year old".

I went to see the original Stranglers at uni, probably 1977 or 78 and most likely at the Coventry Apollo Theater although I could well be wrong, things from that far back are a little hazy. I'm more than miffed at not being able to go tonight, having just got back from foreign parts I picked up some nasty bug while I was away, "of course it's not bird flu, I'm a bloke!"

And you all thought Bursledon was a sleepy backwater.


  1. Perhaps young Joseph will be the new Jo Satriani?

    Jet Black???! Can you believe a name like that!!?

  2. Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches... fine lines... :o)

  3. Soooooooooo cool!
    Steve 😊


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