Friday 20 March 2015


With a day off work I thought I'd row down the river early to see the eclipse. It was a grey, overcast morning, which got gradually more the eclipse passed.

 Despite warnings in the press about power cuts as our solar generating capacity went off line and cars crashing in the sudden darkness, there was pretty much nothing to be seen around here.

It was interesting all the local bird life went quite for a while, but soon the morning birdsong was back again, a sort of double dawn chorus.

The last major UK solar eclipse was in 1999, I remember going down to Hamble Point to view, but it was equally unspectacular.


  1. Now, that's a really nice, good looking dory - what design is that?
    Interesting point about the silence of the bird life when the eclipse was taking place.

  2. Alden, I won't take offence she's not a dory, I couldn't bring myself to build a flat bottom boat, from memory there's about 7 degrees of dead rise in the floors.

    She's a one off designed and built by me 15' 3" and 51" beam

  3. Well, she is a very nice looking little boat and I bet she rows really well. I have read that dorys don't sail all that well - I guess this would sail quite well if you ever wanted to add a center board, rudder and sail.

  4. I designed and built her just for rowing, so with a narrow waterline beam with no aspirations to ever fit a sail, there are much better boats for sailing.


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