Monday 23 March 2015


Well maybe more like fender bender. Rowing down the river fairly early on Friday morning during a rare day off work, I spotted this boat clearly where it shouldn't be. It looked like the down stream mooring line had failed and the tide was pushing it up onto the upstream pile and the adjacent pontoon.

Hauling it off from a tender rowing skiff didn't seem like a good idea, not least as it was a big spring tide at full flood, so I called the harbour office. A launch was quickly dispatched and the boat was soon back on its mooring, hopefully no damage done.


  1. I think 'Mindbender' is a good title - how the hell does a yacht go walking unless someone has deliberately untied it ?

  2. You should have gone ahead and claimed salvage.

  3. It's on piles in the middle of the river. Most likely the line chaffed through. The tides are very strong so there's lots of force and movement.


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