Wednesday 27 August 2014

Living the high life

We had stopped off in a Luberon wood as Joseph had convinced us that he was up for doing the French equivalent of "Go Ape" which is a sort of high wire adventure playground on a course strung around the tall pines.

Despite his confident pose we parents were mightily relieved by the safety harness and the training briefing.

Getting to grips with the clip on, clip off routine on the lower levels took come concentration at first.

But pretty soon he was up onto the high levels with barely a thought about anxious parents down below.

And finally maybe just a little too confident.


  1. Hello Max, I'm leaving not too far away on the coast near Toulon. If you come back to the area it would be nice to meet! P.s. Joseph will surely enjoy our local "accro branche" park

  2. Wow, that is cool! My boys would love climbing around on something like that.

  3. Lorenzo - thanks it would have been nice to meet - you live in a great area.

    \sun fish - I'm sure they would, Joseph only went to stage 5, but the bigger kids must have been 40 feet + up in the trees

  4. Barry, I stayed firmly on the ground, Joe did 20 or 25 feet at the high point, not bad when you're only 3 foot six/


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