Sunday 31 August 2014

Bursledon Regatta - Roll up for the Circus

Bursledon pool was crowded with boats dressed overall for the annual regatta, the theme this year was Circus

Center stage was the big top complete with high were cyclist.

And away from the main event plenty of dinghy sideshows.

During the afternoon there was even some competitive racing at times.

Until the grand finale which featured the human cannonball ably assisted by the troop of Cirque de Bursledon, interesting that the strongman is standing by while the ringmaster took charge of sculling.

Local Bursledon daredevil, did actually get fired from the cannon, sadly the photographer was drinking his beer and missed the shot.

The bursledonblog nomination for the best dinghy which just goes to demonstrate the capability of the famous Tinker Tramp dinghy.


  1. Oh that looked such a fun day
    What a great regatta

  2. i wanted to visit that soon :) see yah!


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