Sunday 27 October 2013

The Big Blow

A lull between the rain was forecast for this morning so with the benefit of the clocks going back I took the opportunity for an early row down to Matilda Emilie with some extra fenders, warps and make sure everything was secure for the 80 knot winds which are coming through overnight. The worst of which is currently timed to coincide with high water on Monday morning.

I set four massive fenders which were big when we used them on our 16 ton cutter Angelina, while they look a bit overkill on a 21 footer, there's now more fender than boat visible, hopefully they will keep Matila safely away from our neighbour, another First 210.

Of course the lull in the showers didn't materialise so I got soaked and had the opportunity to test Gato Nego in some more nasty conditions. Going up wind she was really very comfortable, her flared sides throwing the spray aside. Coming back the wind was blowing straight up the river with the outgoing tide kicking up nasty standing waves, Gato coped really well, the only challenge was keeping her speed down to prevent risk of a broach.

The picture doesn't really do justice but you can see the white caps in the open reach at the top right.

Wet and wild, but it was good to get out in the elements and blow away the cobwebs.


  1. thanks Steve, times like these when i wish we were on a swinging mooring.

  2. Hopefully the worst has passed and that you faired well. Spending the better part of my life on the coast of Florida I know how unsettling it can be...


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