Friday 11 October 2013


Hamble River Sailing Club was running another cadet sailing day recently, so we took Joseph and his friend along. The boys spotted a bright yellow Pico and not surprisingly decided it was the boat for them.

The day was a little gusty so prudence won out in favour of a Mirror dinghy, Mac their instructor quite rightly decided it was more a stable and suitable boat for two lively four year olds given the conditions.

There was a quick stop for an impromptu repair to the foresail which had come detached at the tack, but soon fixed with a little help from the support boat. Atypically both boys seemed very content to sit still and watch the proceedings.

With the sail problem sorted they sailed off up river, with just a brief wave before leaving parents alone on the slipway. The mums went off to an afternoon tea event while we dads grabbed a cup of tea at the nearby café awaiting the intrepid sailors return. An hour or so later two happy boys returned smiling and happy and not the least concerned at having left their parents behind on the quay. According to Mac they had sailed “all the way to Africa” and seen lions and tigers in the woods (hmm I’d better watch out when I’m out on my morning run). He was also amused that both the boys knew their respective teachers names although neither knew what school they attended, I guess two weeks in they maybe just forgot or were distracted by the lions and tigers.

Joseph is clearly going to be a technical sailor, here inspecting the kicker for the correct tension perhaps.

We still haven’t decided on a sailing club, Hamble River has a lot going for it. Like many clubs it has a good race training program for youngsters, but the club seems to just as happy to encourage the kids to get out on the water and have fun, which at the end of the day is what it’s all about.


  1. Great shots of the little guys. It's good to see young ones in boats. They will surely keep the tradition alive.

  2. Thanks Curt and here's hoping, I started in boats around 4 and learned to sail when I was 6 or 7 and am still at it - there were some distractions along the way, girls motorcycles, college buying a first house but I always come back to the water

  3. Keep thinking HRSC and who knows one day in the future they will be Foxering too!

  4. Good to see Joseph and his friend enjoying themselves on the water.


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