Thursday 31 October 2013

Itchenor gaffers

After riding the Saltern's Way down from Dell Quay we had a picnic lunch down on the foreshore at Itchenor watching the comings and goings. It was a fine day with more breeze than the various weather forecasts had predicted and a few traditionally rigged boats had taken the opportunity to get out on the water.

Judging by the sail and the curved tiller the above looks like a Post Boat by Character Boats which is a modern GRP version of a Scottish type of sail and oar boat which delivered post around the sea lochs around Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands.

Probably the most popular modern gaffer in the UK if not the world is the Cornish Shrimper, there's quite a fleet in Chichester harbour and some of the sailing clubs have active racing. Effortlessly sailing up through the moorings it's easy to see the appeal of this good looking craft.

No information about this yawl, she looks to be modern.

Chichester harbour is a great place for day sailing as demonstrated by this Norfolk Oyster, another GRP version of a traditional boat a long way from original homeat  Morston on the north Norfolk coast


  1. some lovely classics there
    what a nice way to spend a picnic boat viewing

  2. Steve you may have noticed, sad people that we are, we spend far to much time eating and boat watching

  3. "Chichester harbour is a great place for day sailing"... sure is!!


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