Wednesday 9 October 2013

Mystery Launch

Another interesting find nosing around at the back of the boat yard over in Lymington.

The lines are efficient and elegant, the fore deck was covered with what appears to be a later GRP addition, but that cabin is teak and quite lovely. No idea what her history is, sadly there was no one around to ask.


  1. Looks very much as though a Navy 32' cutter was the origin. See for a pic of one. Same shape, same number of planks at the bow and midships.

  2. I'm not knowledgeable about numbers of planks, but I can say that this launch is a sweetheart. Somewhat reminiscent of a little boatyard at the Jersey Shore....

  3. Chris,thanks for that insight, although the Kitchen rudder has been replaced, which seems likely as the rudder in the bottom picture does look original

  4. Chris (Sydney, Au)10 October 2013 at 20:47

    I think the Kitchen rudder is an anomaly on that one - most were open, oared boats. Another example with lines at .

  5. She is the 37' launch 'Fire Fay'. She was built in 1922 by W. Fife and son Fairlie, yard # 697.
    She was designed 1916-17 when the Fife yard was building Admiralty launches. However the plans drawn by Fife himself say she is Mr Parker's 36' launch but she was built 1' longer, ( plans show).
    She was built as a metre boat tender.
    In 3/1941 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty as HMS Amy ll, and was the Echo sounding boat for the Upper Clyde attached to the Minesweeping Squadron.


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