Tuesday 27 August 2013

Regatta de Paris

Paris came to Bursledon for the regatta on Saturday, the Elephant Boatyard waterfront was transformed with it's very own Arc de Triomph and Effiel Tower.

Not forgetting the Moulin Rouge.

The French theme clearly continued across to the catering, as is indicated by the serious interest in the food.

The dinghy parade was no less authentic, what French themed water carnival would be complete without a 2CV.

And fresh bread delivered directly a votre bateau Monsieur.

Bursledon is making a bid to attract a stage of the next Tour de France

Meanwhile some local aristocracy await their fate at the hands of la revolution.

The entire stage was sculled around the pool by Glyn

As Madame la Guillotine performed her grizzly work to the appreciation of the crowds.

Of course there were some sailing and rowing races, but all in all they were much less interesting. A great day was had ending in the usual firework display.

As always thanks to the organisers, sponsors and especially the Elephant Boatyard.


  1. It's a pity you didn't get any photos of the fireworks


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