Sunday 4 August 2013


I've always admired folkboats, but this example really is something special. Sadly the cover obscures the cabin detail which has varnished teak sides and a white top (is that roof?).

Navy blue hull, white deck and varnished coamings is just about my favourite colour scheme, but look at that detail around the stern, with the plank ends picked out in contrasting white between the blue and the varnished transom.

I don't know if there's a Concours d'Elegance, but this boat deserves the title and being a folkboat sails like a witch, best of both worlds.


  1. Just about as good looking as a boat can get

  2. Absolutely beautiful. But for perfect Concours looks you would probably have to ditch the metal mast and replace it with a wooden one.

  3. Thank you for these kind words.

    She's a nordic folkboat, built in 1982 of larch on oak by a gentleman called Richard Birmingham.

    I've owned Tirrick ( named by her previous owner after the call of the Arctic tern ) for 10 years but only got around to a concerted push to finish her restoration in 2012, finally launching her in June 2013.

    All the difficult work was done by a shipwright called Graham Collingwood, I just wielded paint and varnish brushes.

    She does sail beautifully and if you'd like a sail then let me know and we'll arrange it.

  4. Folkboat owner - thanks for the update she;s a lovely boat and I woud very much like the opportunity to sail in her, unfortunately there's no reply address to your comment max


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