Sunday 21 July 2013

What No Boats? Part Two

What came across so strongly at the museum in Akranes was the maritime tradition, it was a shame we couldn't go aboard this ketch the "Sigurfari" apparently the deck was too rotten and soft, plus we were unable to read about her history as all the information was in Icelandic

Inside there was a local sailing whale boat, difficult to photograph in the cramped space, spritsail rigged and clinker built with almost delicate planking pointing back no doubt to the Viking heritage.

The area had formerly been an important fishing centre, together with evidence of associated shipbuilding.

There were also some delightful models of 20th century fishing craft.

This was a spectacular find in a 1910 copy of the "Tillaeg Til" Illustrated Family Journal an early outboard, actually I like the local name - baadmotor.

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  1. That outboard reminds me of the ones they used in "The Man with the Golden Gun"...


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