Wednesday 24 July 2013

Tom Thumb

Vertue number 111 on the hard at the Berthon yard in Lymington, built by Kimber & Blake of Bridgewater in 1962 and looking splendid, I especially like the varnished sheer plank which really sets off the design.

Designed by Laurence Giles the Vertue was made famous by some intrepid voyages in the early days of offshore and transatlantic sailing.

I need to practice my photography, it's really often very difficult getting good pictures of boats ashore or indeed in marinas which do them justice.


  1. Can't agree more. This link will take you to an excellent book in which a Vertue plays one of the lead roles

  2. That is beautiful looking boat

  3. I agree with t'other Steve... :o)

    B.t.w did you see the sad news about Simo ( on the PBO forum the other week?


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