Tuesday 2 July 2013


What better way to spend a sunny, Sunday morning that breakfast with friends at the cafe on foreshore and watching a steady stream of interesting boats go past. A few weeks ago it was a good weekend for such indulgence with boats returning from the Around the Island race and many traditional boats returning from YOGAF.

Above a very modern gaffer a Cornish Crabber 26 while below Jolie Bris the famous Le Harve pilot cutter built in 1913 in her centenary year.

Who couldn't admire the Nordic Folkboat, this example was making fantastic spped over ground on the strong ebb tide.

At first glance very similar to the native X Boat, this looks like a Tofinou built by Latitude 46 in GRP to a 1928 design from the Ile de Re.

Fascinating project Collective Spirit part boat part artwork the boat was built using wooden objects donated by people along the south coast to not only create a yacht, but seaworthy archive of stories and memories. If you look closely at the hull you can see a tennis racket, walking stick and a coat hanger making up the hull construction.

There were more than a few modern boats, another First 210 recently arrived on the river.

It was a busy day on the slip way for the Foxer fleet, mind you the cafe had quietened down once the fleet had launched so no queuing when I went to get a second cup of tea.


  1. That "X" appears to be flying a French ensign. Also odd that there's no class insignia on the sail. Are you sure it's an X?

  2. I think it might be a Tofinou 7.

  3. Yes! It's a French Tofinou 7. It looks very like an X above the waterline but it has a centreboard and an inboard engine. What gives it away is the rig - the X class still uses wooden spars, I think.

    I'm one of what must be a dwindling number of people who can claim to have sailed an X in the days when the class rules insisted on the spinnaker being sheeted inside the forestay. Even then, back in the 60s, it looked a very strange way to set a downwind sail.

  4. Lovely to see the Collective Spirit out and about - I heard about this via the H2O show, but never actually got to see it on the water!
    it looks really special even from a distance and lovely to see it has been a success.


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