Friday, 5 July 2013

Decisions Decisions

Continuing our quest for a sailing club that has an active cadet group we visited Hill Head Sailing Club on their recent open day

The club house is in a great location between the small harbour and the shingle beach beneath what I guess are Osborne cliffs.

The club has a really good range of boats available to members including Optimists, Toppers, Laser Picos, Laser 2000, Mirror, RS Fevas, RS Teras, Wayfarer and RS Visions and even a Kayak. Many of which were available for visitors to "have a go"

I got into a long conversation with the Commodore Bob McManus who was very welcoming as were all the folk we met there. The club has a very active RYA training group and despite the tidal access a really busy sailing schedule.

Above looking very different when this photo was taken back in the cold grey days of April, the club house stands at the entrance to Hill Head haven.

We want to find a club where Joseph can learn to sail with kids of his own age and most importantly without mum and dad. Equally it needs to be a nice family club where Erica and I can spend time when he's out on the water or hanging out with his friends. Hill Head is definitely on our short list.


  1. Looks like an Enterprise out there too.

  2. Well spotted Michael, the Blue sails are ubiquitous in English waters, pretty much everywhere you find a sailing club you will find at least a couple of Enterprises

  3. What was Joseph's response when you visited Hill Head Sailing Club? His reaction could be a good pointer for helping you to decide if you should go ahead.

    I made the mistake of buying a Blue Peter dinghy for my youngest daughter. The dinghy was far too heavy for her to handle when ashore and on the slipway of our local sailing club.

    Here's a link illustrating a Blue Peter:


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