Thursday 21 March 2013

Lost in Translation

I was reading the in-flight magazine (in Spanish) on an Aero Mexico flight which was extolling the virtues of the English pub or "casa para el público para beber" - literally a house for the public for drinking.

The writer went on to say that English taverns were renowned for traditional names such as "the George and Dragon" or "the Fox and Hounds", also popular it claimed was "the Olde White Tart" and "the Athlete's Foot".

I couldn't decide if it was deliberate or a slip of Google translator,  and no mention of my favourite pub!


  1. This is probably a dumb question, but what would Athlete's Foot be a mistranslation of?

  2. probably an extrapolation - the kings Arms, the Queens Head, the athlete's foot!!

  3. Do you really have a pub called "Candida albicans" ?? :D :D :D
    Eric, from France

  4. erica, not anywhere around here and if there is one somewhere I think I might give it a miss!


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