Friday 15 March 2013

Ciao Maisie & friends

You might think that blogging about boats is a dull, nerdy business, and indeed there is evidence to support that argument. Take for example Dylan Winter who has created a community of enthusiastic followers for his slow circumnavigation sailing a "s*** boat around a small island" (Dylan's words 4:20 into the film). Said followers according to you tube are all men over 50.

I'm pleased to say that over here on the Bursledon Blog we have a mixed and eclectic audience of followers and commenter's, here are some recent examples.

 Maisie (above) commented on my motor sailor post  "wow what a beautiful place to go with your loved once for the most Romantic Dinner"   clearly the girl knows her boats, and  well she actually went on to say " at Dhow cruise Dubai" but I'm sure that was a typo as you'd hardly cruise all that way in a 23 foot motor sailor.

Then there was Liama who seems to be also called Angeica but anyway she thought BB was "very lovely blog on yachts", thanks and a very nice sweater you have there too.

Finally there was Edward from Dubai  Yacht Safari, who might just have used a picture of his sister as his avatar by mistake.

Just recently their comments seem to have stopped, maybe they've gone sailing!


  1. I noticed you'd been getting some enthusiastic comments lately but had no idea you had such devoted friends.

  2. I only get big Russian girls called "Olga" with five o'clock shadows, tattoos and beer bellies who "like" my profile and want to be my "friend" over here.


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