Thursday 28 March 2013


Having a clear out the other day I found the original weather fax from the morning of our departure from Falmouth to cross the Bay of Biscay on our way to the Caribbean.

We'd read and heard many times the advice to wait for an Azores high to build for about 3 days before leaving, but we were young and anxious to depart, reasoning that we would make good progress to the south and west as the low pressure centre moved to the north of Scotland.

It wasn't all plain sailing, we never did see the forecast north easterly winds, we did have calms, some very poor visibility about 2 days out and strong north westerly winds on the quarter, overall the trade off was a fast passage and arrival in La Coruna at first light four days later.


  1. Sounds like you are ready to go again, Max. The Pacific this time?


  2. Brandon - if only, I was tidying up as we're building onto the house! The pacific would be nice!!


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