Sunday 24 February 2013

Brass monkey weather

It's all relative but the normally mild south coast of England is in the grip of a cold spell.

Passing cars have splashed water onto the surrounding bushes creating this fantastic natural icicle sculpture.

 It's not clear at what temperature the above mentioned brass castings will suffer brittle metal fatigue and fracture, but I'm willing to bet it's cold enough.


  1. But the advantage of the weather is that you are taking some wonderful photos (as usual)! Great ones the other day of scenes in the mist.

  2. Love that second photo. Never seen anything like that before.

  3. In 1991 we had a particularly cold February-at the neaps the shallow bays around the edges of Poole Harbour froze solid. When the springs came the following week they lifted huge sheets of ice from the bays on the flood and carried them out of the harbour with the ebb. It was the only occasion in 24 years on the Pilot Boat that I ever had to dodge ice floes!

  4. That third photo is beautiful. Really Wintry. Is that the land off Salterns Lane?

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  6. David - the other side Bunny Meadows on the path to warsash

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  9. Brass monkeys - to what monkeys are you referring?

    1. The monkey was a frame which cannonballs were stacked upon on warships. It was made of brass so the balls didn't rust solid onto it.

      Due to differing coefficients of expansion between brass and iron it was suggested very cold temperatures could affect the stability of the stack.

      In which case it would be cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey

  10. Nice try Unknown the frame would need to be a couple of miles long for differences in the expansion rates of the two metals to have that kind of effect.


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