Saturday 9 February 2013

Snow Go

As blizzards rage across the eastern United States I'm reminded on a mild and wet Saturday, that only a couple of weeks ago we were snowed in.

Admittedly we didn't have to deal with two feet of snow fall, but it was enough to bring the area to a grinding halt and of course it was great fun for small children.

The sound advice is to to stay at home and keep warm, pay heed, in our busy lives there are all too few weekends when you can't actually go anywhere and do all the things that we can't get to do during the week.

So take the opportunity to do something indulgent, catch up on old movies, write to a friend, work your way through back copies of old sailing magazines, savour the smells of something cooking slowly and perhaps a glass or two of something special.

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  1. thankfully Michigan didn't get hit with 2 feet of snow either - we've had a couple smaller storms with only a few inches of snowfall. just enough to mess up the roads and cancel school, but not enough to get to worried about.

    love the plan to read old books/magazines and enjoy a warm day inside.


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