Sunday, 10 February 2013

Bursledon Challenge - Results

Ok so not exactly University Challenge, but thanks to all the clever types for their amusing word smithery, my favourite goes to O'Docker for Gustical - Strong, intermittent winds - I might try and put that on wikipedia!!

Broken computers and alas drinking bets down at the Jolly Sailor are not behind this conundrum, rather it's corporate policy. Employees are now invited to provide their own smart phones onto which the corporate voice and data will work. Being a penny wise blogger and socially responsible recycler, I managed to collect 3 company issued Blackberry Pearl's from colleges who were leaving. 

The problem is the company enforced  password of 8 digits has to be changed every 90 days, without warning, you try and use it one morning and the damm thing demands a new password before you can make calls or get your email. Bad enough trying to remember the passwords, but these old Blackberry's have 2 characters per key. Simple answer - think of some memorable words which only use the first character so I don't have to use the shift key - very important for those of us who can't use our phones without our glasses!

So thanks to the BB readers for providing some thoughtful password material, someone will probably tell me I could get an app to do that if I had a smart phone!

And of course the creek is Fowey, not Frenchman's Creek from the novel by Dahpney de Maurier, who's house is in the centre of the picture at Bodinnick on the east side of the river. Patrick deserves a mention for identifying that it also wasn't **** creek, he having navigated there previously without a paddle. 


  1. LOL. I should have thought of that. But I've never been a Blackberry user.

  2. And I guess that also explains why so many people seem to have QETUOADGJLZCBM as their user-id.

  3. Ah-ha! Never used a BB, only have used iThings or Android. But you're right, its a right pain having to keep changing passwords, to make them secure and memorable and different.


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