Tuesday 11 December 2012

Lymington town gaffers

Saturday morning was bright and clear, so after breakfast and picking up some essential Christmas supplies in Lymington we took the opportunity to wander around in the sunshine for a bit of boat spotting.

This ketch looks like it's come into the river for the winter, sadly it wasn't possible to get a closer view, but she looks impressive.

I believe this lovely canoe yawl is Charmina, an Albert Strange design built by built in 1923 by Ernest Woods and is currently advertised for sale on the Albert Strange Association web site

The last one is Alice III a red hot racer designed by Rogers Yacht Design for a local racing syndicate. Although she looks traditional don't be fooled, to go with her towering top mast, she has lots of form stability and a deep high aspect keel finished off with a lead torpedo.


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  2. This is such a lovely town and community. Love how they come together for charity http://blog.gracewell.co.uk/communities-sway/


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