Wednesday 19 December 2012

Best of the day

It seems that in common with several fellow bloggers,  life has been so busy at work and at home for the last several months that there's been very little time for blogging or indeed just getting out on the water. I suddenly realised that I hadn't been rowing for over a month, so Sunday morning I hauled myself and boat down to the hard shortly after first light. Fortunately with the short winter days that was about 8.30 on what was a clear bright Sunday morning.

Surprisingly the river was already busy, a bait digger was taking advantage of low water.

Perhaps these fishermen were customers for his worms, either way they seemed to be having a good time on one of the empty mid river pontoons.

I wasn't the only rower out, the local crew were out with their Solent galley.

The harbour launch was showing Christmas spirit sporting not one but two Christmas trees, maybe it was to match the twin outboards?

All in all it was a great row, the sun shone, the river was largely empty, I even stopped off at Matilda Emile to take off the jib from the roller furling and bring the battery home.


  1. I'm lost in admiration for the crew of Avery A - rowing down a narrow and crowded river without a cox. I hope they didn't hit any of the more expensive yachts...

  2. Merry Christmas. Bb
    Hope to get Arwen out in first week January
    Have a lovely Christmas

  3. Thanks Baydog

    Thanks Steve -look forward to hearing about the "frostbite cruise"


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