Thursday 14 June 2012


Despite the gloomy weather it was great to see the local XOD boats  heading out of the river on a brisk easterly wind for the start of Sunday's race.

I'm guessing X2 must be one of the older boats.

Relative to X150 and X47

Good enough to make me want to take up racing!


  1. Yep... beautiful sight to see when you're in the middle of the fleet all banging away for the upwind mark.... I used to race Victory's out of Portsmouth in my youth, including one memorable Cowes week....

  2. And, Bursle, the reason you're not aboard a racing hull is....?

  3. Good point doc, but the prep, schedules, deadlines and beating the next guy all sounds too much like being at work - come the weekend I just want a warn breeze and blue sea and my favourite companions ....


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