Friday 29 June 2012

Internet Profile?

On the basis that I write what I write and if people read it, then so much the better, I tend not to give much though to internet marketing and profiling, another rapidity developing area of specialist expertise which is passing me by, although I do have a professional profile on Linkedin which a few Bursledon blog readers have found. 

Given what I write about here and I guess the majority of my browsing history, there's no surprise that I'm being bombarded by adverts for Thornham Marina, and nice marina that it is, it dries a lot of the time plus it's about 15 miles down the coast rather than 300 yards down the hill. so maybe they need to refine their profiling a  little more.

Recently Erica and I had a slightly drunken evening watching clips of 70's bands on youtube, which is the only reason I can think of for "Mature Dating" to be popping up on my internet searches. Given that we were watching the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Ian Dury and a load of other new wave bands from my Uni days perhaps "Ageing Punk Rocker" might have been a better fit.

While these examples are credible, although annoying marketing efforts what I don't understand is why I keep getting asked if I still need a loft ladder - can anyone explain?

Please rest assured Bursledon blog will remain advert free for the foreseeable future..


  1. Thornham Marina is roughly half a mile downhill from me... happened to cycle through their the other night on my way home, and witnessed huge amounts of work being done either replacing pontoons, or putting new one's in.... someone's spending money there..... they've had a mooring barge (or dredger??) there for some time as well..... marina on the up???

  2. At least you are being spared those adverts to help you enlarge your *****!

  3. Hire a yacht in Dubai is very nice place for tour i love it very much


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