Sunday 10 June 2012

Going Green

Professional boat builders and even talented amateurs should look away now.

I made good use of the Jubilee holiday to put on the last of the seven coats of the bright green paint chosen by Erica (on top of epoxy high build primer and three of green base undercoat) and fit the keel and bilge runners.

The eagle eyed will notice that I have plugged the screws with finest Sikaflex 291, frankly once the boat is in use the only people who are likely to notice will be the fish. Cutting and fitting matching wooden plugs with the grain aligned would have been nice, but the 60 year old Scow was launched around the time of Queen Elizabeth's coronation and it would be nice to get her sailing before the next diamond Jubilee!


  1. She looks fine to me - and I like the green ... you could call her "Mushy".. :o))

  2. Nice job! When you're finished, there are a few boats over here that need a good paint job...

    Don't tell anyone, but I plug screw holes with 291 all the time. Gets disapproving looks from time to time, but it works well.
    You won't be varnishing the keel anyway, will you?


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