Friday, 25 May 2012

YW Day Boat

A couple of months ago I spotted this varnished clinker dinghy peeking out from under it's cover down in the Hamble boat park, it was clear from those fine bow sections and the wide transom that it was something interesting but what?

The answer was revealed on a gloriously sunny Saturday morning, she is a Yachting World Day Boat,  rigged and ready for the water.

Sadly the owners were not around to speak with so I had to satisfy myself with a few photographs.

A quick look on the YWBD association suggests she is Fiesta built by L H Walker of Leigh on Sea in 1965, judging by her decks and interior she has been well cared for over the year - lovely!

The Yachting World Dayboat was designed in 1949 by G O'Brien Kennedy, M.R.I.N.A. His brief was to submit a design to "Yachting World" for a robust, round-bilged dinghy which could be used for family sailing and was capable of standing up to some of the more difficult open waters encountered around our coasts. It had to have a generous freeboard and plenty of stability.

A little later we saw her drawn up on the foreshore at Hamble Point, presumably for some small adjustment.

She was soon sailing again heading out past the Warsash shore, looking fabulous. A varnished wooden boat on a sparking sea does it get any better?


  1. What a surprise to see photo's of my boat with such positive comments. She was my Father's boat for many years, sailed on the Mersey. I recently brought her down to the South Coast to restore her. Incidentally, I built the the yellow Cegall dinghy that you pictured last year.

    1. Alan - thanks for the comment. I look forward to seeing her out on the water if we ever get a decent sailing day this year!

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