Tuesday 1 May 2012


Primrose has the look of a Thames skiff, you can just imagine her on a sunny, summer's afternoon gliding gently along under the overhanging willow trees along Cookham reach.

She has been lying behind a hedge on a private foreshore at Swanwick for a year of so uncovered, as a result some of the interior varnish could do with a touch up. A purpose built, wooden boat shed has been under construction recently. Lets hope we see her out on the water this year as well.


  1. This is a tease? Surely there is more story behind a boat you got so close to... The crowd calls out for more!

  2. Michael I'd like to know more but I normally only see Primrose when I'm running which is 6-6.30 in the morning - I'd love to knock the door and ask for some more background but seems a bit intrusive - maybe i should leave a note!

  3. I often see interesting craft in someone's yard or under a shed and become so curious I can hardly help myself. But my mother told me to always be polite. And besides, when the owner sees me gawking with my mouth open, there is this look of suspicion that tells me to keep to myself.
    Then, over time, the boat disappears and ever after when I pass, I wonder about that boat, now long gone.
    Eventually they all get away, which is why we write about them when we can.

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