Saturday 19 May 2012

Things you see in boatyards

I confess to enjoy wandering around boat yards, normally to check out any interesting boats or restorations, but occasionally it's the car park that gets my interest.

I believe this is called a panel van, built by General Motors in the late 1940's (I found pictures of a very similar example from 1948 through google). Popular engines at the time were the 261 which works out somewhere around 4.2 litres, certainly enough to haul around my sailing gear and sandwiches.

Whether the number plate was deliberate or not it's certainly fun,  what a great car.


  1. Had to remind myself where you live! A familiar sight, indeed I had the Dodge version of this panel truck myself once.

  2. Rare as rocking horse poo around these parts!!

  3. I was gonna say, is this from your visit to the states last year? When I was a kid, I think the milk came in a van not unlike this.

  4. I should have said this is Hamble Point Marina - Hampshire - that's old Hampshire!!


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