Friday, 24 June 2011

Progress on the SCOW

Work on the SCOW has been painfully slow all year, but I've finally got around to repairing the deck. The old patterned non slip deck was so crazed that I just sanded it all back flat with an angle grinder.

I also sealed up the 60 year old exposed ply which form the deck beams with epoxy. At least it's a start, now all I have to do is keep motivated


  1. At first I though this was some kind of post modernist sculpture.
    Pretty clothes pins all in a row.
    (Crying Cockles and Muscles
    Alive alive-o!)

  2. stay motived! it is art! it really does look like a marvelous sculpture.

    (I'd never dare be the first to say it, but if Doryman says it, it's safe to parrot intelligibly.)

  3. what amazing creation you made with SCOWs
    its looks so good
    can you share more pics about this
    this pic not showing your work


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