Friday 25 August 2023

Forgotten Modern Motoring Classics?

Walking through the local car park when a couple came speeding in on these two Sinclair C5's, they lined up for a photo with the Citroen AMI electric micro car owned by a friend of theirs.

Anyone who's too young or too old to remember the Sinclair, it was introduced in 1985 as a personal electric vehicle. There are some similarities to the AMI which has a top speed of 28MPH,v's the Sinclair's 15MPH, and range AMI 47 miles v's Sinclair 30 miles. 

The AMI is only about 18" longer than the Sinclair but does have the advantage of seating two people and keeping them dry when it rains, which is probably good progress for the near 40 year elapsed time between them and makes the AMI a much more practical transport for UK, although apparently there's no heater (too much capacity drain one supposes).

The Sinclair did have the advantage that it was considered a bicycle so could be driven at 14 years of age.

 The other drawback of the Sinclair was the recumbent driving position, putting the drivers head roughly at car bumper height.

The Sinclairs are collectors items, talking to the owners (who's names I forgot to ask - apologies) they are also active in the local classic car scene driving  V8 powered cars, clearly not sold on the electric alternative quite yet.

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