Friday 18 August 2023

Classics around Fowey

Some classics spotted around Fowey recently.

 Above and below this gorgeous yawl was visiting from Netherlands, built to an design by Sparkman and Stephens it's immaculately maintained - lovely.

No Fowey classic collection would be complete without at least one Troy class, here Lucy's varnish simmers in the late afternoon sunshine.

Perhaps unexpected, but this is what motor cruisers looked like fifty or more years back. The clinker (ship lap) planking is really well done and brings out the hull lines. The cabin roof has the sort of post war aesthetic which was common before fibre glass took over in the 60's. I remember seeing quite a few similar boats in the Thames back in the day.

Raising steam before a trip up the river, good way and good excuse to spend an hour or so on the mooring, enjoying the sunshine and the surroundings.


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