Friday 4 August 2023

Cars at the fair

 Another detour from boats, but there were a few interesting vehicles at the recent Sarisbury Fair.

Above looked like a kit car, using Triumph front suspension (can't recall it if it's Spitfire or Herald) but something looked unusual and more authentic. In conversation with the owner it's the wheels, rather than using the familiar modern 13" he had got 15" rims from a TR4/MGA and had them wired to the Spitefire hubs. I have to say it does look right.

 One of the last and probably most immaculate MGF's around, it was built at Longbridge under the Chinese ownership. The paint job doesn't show up in the photo there were metallic/pearl  flecks in the paint - if not quite a "Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamlined Baby"was pretty nice.

Drive the car and dress the part I think it was a 1980 Caddi, the owner was sitting quietly probably needed a rest after thinking about the fuel consumption of that 8 liter monster V8.

One of the local traction engines had a run out from Bursledon Brickworks museum. It's only a couple of miles away but not something that can be rushed, two and a half hours to get steam up and then a very leisurely run as the maximum speed allowed is 12 MPH.

Guessing when you drive one of these you can park wherever you want and not have to worry about someone dinging the bodywork with a carelessly opened door. Interior comfort however didn't appear to have been a major design consideration, probably relatively easy to fix with good access for repairs though.


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  1. Great variety of cars. I like the look of the white Morris Minor convertible on the right side of the traction engine. My dad used to have the hard top version (same colour) back in the 1960s - great car.


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