Monday 3 October 2022

On the waterline

I'm not sure a kayak is the ideal platform for nautical photography, but in the absence of a suitable rib I thought I'd get out and close up with the Fowey River and Troy class boats on a lovely summer day.

Always best to start with the easy stuff, this one still attached to it's mooring allowed plenty of time to steady and frame the shot.

As things got more lively there was a balance between getting the shot and getting out of the way of the racing.

There was a good downwind run, down the harbour which offered a great position with very little paddling to keep station while the boats passed.

On the return legs I managed to predict and get to the turning  point ahead of the boats which made for some interesting close ups.

My camera is  Fuji XP60 waterproof but only a 5x zoom,

so I needed to get fairly close to the boats without getting in the way.

Easier staying clear when they have passed than when they are approaching.

And sometimes they just passed by at a perfect distance.

This one was a case of get the shot and get out of the way quick.

All of which was a lot of fun seeing the racing or at least a part of it up close.

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