Monday, 23 May 2022

Yacht Club Open Day

 A few more pictures from the Royal Lymington YC open day. 

This Royal Enfield cafe racer what exactly what my first bike aspired to, but pretty much the only similarity was the 250cc single, although mine did have a better seat and a propensity for breaking down all the time.

A 1921 GN chain driven Vitess, 101 years old and looking great.

My absolute favorite, what can you say worth a post all of it's own, a 1932 Model A Ford Mcdowell sprint car built by Indianapolis Hall of Famer Myron Stevens - just wow.

A bit closer to home another GN chain drive from 1915 with a V twin side valve engine and body work from 2mm aircraft plywood covered with linen. Certainly predates all the ideas Colin Chapman had for small lightweight Lotus sports cars

Boat tail Austin seemess entirely appropriate for a Yacht Club transport

This is probably the best Karmann Ghia I've ever seen, absolute luxury sports car with that lovely cream leather interior, put the Jaguar alongside in the shade somewhat.

It was a yacht club open day so I can't post without a couple of lovely and well turned out yachts.

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  1. man, right after I got out of college, I had a chance to buy a Karmann Ghia, and it was a college kid desperate for cash, so I could have gotten it dirt cheap. still kicking myself 20 years later that I didn't buy it. I loved those cars.


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