Friday 6 May 2022

Oysters return to the Hamble?

 I was walking along the river at dusk and at very low water and spotted something on the far shore which looked odd. It was large and only exposed at low water on the mud adjacent to the old (now derelict) steamer pontoon.  

It was too far away to see in the failing light and thought no more about it.


Until. coming back past Bursledon pool, I spotted this, I've seen the yellow marker bouys when rowing past at high water, but assumed they were for mooring. It looks however,  like they mark out a small area of oyster culture or similar. 

From the size it would be a very small commercial operation so might be experimental?  A hundred years ago the Hamble had a thriving oyster business with oyster ponds on both the Hamble and Warsash foreshore's.

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