Friday, 13 May 2022

Jolie Brise - under sail

I've written often about Jolie Brise the famous pilot cutter built by Mr Paumelle in Le Harve in 1913 and winner of the  first Fastnet race in 1925.

Most recently I spotter her newly painted in the river and looking fantastic at the start of her 109th season. Better yet friend Malcom was out in the Solent on Saturday and took these great photos of Jolie Brise in action.

Just great to see her out sailing, topsails set in such wonderful conditions.


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  1. as a guy that struggles with just a single mainsail on my Sunfish, it always amazes me that sailboats with that many unique sails can be adjusted and trimmed with a purpose! that's beyond my pay grade. :)


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