Friday 8 April 2022

Tender behind

 While I do like multi-hulls, both catamarans and trimarans, I will admit that aesthetics aren't necessarily their best attribute.


Above, the cockpit area looks to be fantastic offering a secure and sheltered environment both at sea and in harbour, and that tender with the drop down ramp looks equally practical.

Lovely boat, but hanging what looks like a bath tub out the back on davits doesn't really do much for the looks, that said beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


  1. That dinghy appears to have a drop-down ramp on its bow. Could it be that the big cat, with its secure, sheltered cockpit and those low wide boarding decks - at more or less marina pontoon height - has been specifically designed for wheelchair access?

  2. Patrick - you read my mind.. tender looks like one of the Sailability boats at my club...

  3. Thanks both- good point and getting into the dinghy while it's secured between the low rear hulls woud be pretty much as safe as it fgets - form follows function if not aethetics


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