Friday 15 April 2022

Smooth Ride

It can't be another mid life crisis as I've clearly been through a few and am far too old, but I'm in the market for a motorbike. Not having ridden for about 20 years I'm leaning towards one of the many modern, retro machines that are currently very popular.  

But just then friend Greg turned up on his 1951 Sunbeam S8, which he describes as a very comfy touring machine. 

It was really advanced in it's day, shaft drive, super smooth SOHC twin, apparently the only distraction from a blissful riding experience is the front brake.

Not that it's for sale, but while there's lots going for such a real classic, I'm still leaning toward something more modern. My first bike was a Royal Enfield Crusader Sport 250, so I have a bit of a soft spot for the brand in all their guises - Bullet, Himalaya, Meteor and the Inteceptor, but then there's MotoGuzzi which are just fabulous to look at.

Might take a while deciding what to get, but need to get on before the summer days are here.

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