Monday 17 August 2020


The old city stands on high ground surrounded on three sides by the river giving the famous cathedral and castle an imposing majesty.

So as we wandered around this lovely and rather peaceful city I decided to look for the unfamiliar.

And only one letterbox?

But in the end no pictures of Durhan would be complete without this.


  1. You are visiting all my boyhood places. I was born near Durham, went to school there, and lived in the city for 6 or 7 years growing up.

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  3. Really good photos, but I take exception to the signage 'Flat White Kitchen'. Yes, the Kitchen is white, but it's not flat - it's bloody well tall and thin! I'm going to have a chat with my two English born grandsons to ensure they don't fall into this malaise of the English lack of descriptive accuracy.

  4. Alden, depends if it's a kitchen that's flat and white or a kitchen that makes Flat Whites.

    The latter being another Americanism which has crept into regular usage - I take great pleasure in always ordering a "white coffee".

  5. Very wise coffee ordering vocabulary Max. If you ordered a 'Flat White' coffee at this establishment it would probably come in a cup a yard high.
    This is what I love about the UK, it's full of very interesting architecture. It would be good to know what the original use of the building was.

  6. Alden, Max - you two crack me up - a good post - off to Durham soon to collect my son who is finishing his Master's there - he's loved the city although not seen much of it due to lock down and studying

  7. Enjoy Durham Steve, the folks up there are so friendly. Sadly when we were there we went to a family funeral, Mrs BB’s favourite Aunt, the service played out to Bat Out of Hell which was her wish, always way quite a gal.

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