Friday, 13 March 2020

It's that time of year

New to us a Wanderer dinghy, small relation to the Wayfarer both designed by Ian Proctor.

At 14 feet LoA and while no means a light weight, it should be easier to handle ashore that a Wayfarer, but seems to have similar good sea keeping qualities. We wanted something suitable for sailing out in the western Solent which is where we will keep her.

It seems to have pretty much rained every weekend since I towed it home, I'm looking forward to setting up and rigging and generally go over our new toy.


  1. Looking forward to the same to do the same on my baby.. and from the forecasts it doesn't look like it's going to be this weekend!

  2. Steve, according to the weather report we have about 3 hours of sun breaking through this morning, but frankly I think I might wait for a better day

  3. A mini Wayfarer - before you know it you will be sailing it to Iceland and perhaps a North Sea crossing to Norway? Go on you know you want to do it.
    Love this little dinghy, I wish more of this kind were available here in NZ.

  4. Alden - I think crossing the Solent will be enough of an epic challenge, even though we have done it a few time in both our old Wayfarer and Cornish Cormorant. We’re lucky that there are plenty of these types of dinghy available here, I guess if we lived down your way i’d Be building to one of Mr Welsford’s plans - Houdini, Pathfinder or awol are my favourites.


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