Friday 20 March 2020

Dinghy dock

I've always wanted a dinghy dock, and I guess if you have one you might as well have something spectacular like this.

I like the launching rails, but curious as to why it stops on the platform and not extend down into the water.


  1. There are three possibilities.
    One - these are firemens ladders and are extentible.
    Two - They are waiting for high tide.
    Three - The house owners work on oil rigs or oil tankers and practise those sleigh ride life boat launchings that are a feature of their work environment.
    Whatever the reason it does look very STEEP in the photograph.

  2. Alden, it is very steep, the house has only recently been built (they demolished the previous house there).

  3. Looks like the platform is well under water when the tide is up... but the rail round the platform is in the way... may be this is part way through the build and not completed yet?

  4. Looks bit Thunderbirds Tracey Island to me......

  5. It’s not for launching into the water. It’s the new base for the top secret British space exploration programme. In an effort to keep within the budget available they are experimenting with a design based on a commercially available inflatable equipped with rockets and oars.

  6. Patrick, I can see you are on to it, but you had better email them and tell them that a launch from the low angle left hand ramp will demolish the chimney on their headquarters.


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