Monday, 23 March 2020


A local classic looking fantastic


  1. Ah Firebrand - what a classic.

    You maybe know another old classic of a different ilk - Peter Pyes Moonraker, an old converted fishing boat which did a lot of cruising during the 1950s and 60s. Peter Pye wrote a number of books about his voyaging. I read a number of years ago that Moonraker was being restored. Do you know anything about this boat and its restoration?

  2. Alden, sadly not, as i recall she was a Looe/Polperro gaffer. I recall she passed through several hands including the Exeter Maritime museum, last I heard about 20 years ago someone had bought her but didn't have enough money for a restoration.

    When we set off for the Caribbean I had Peter Pye's words written on the main bulkhead "If you want to be a sailor you have to go to sea" or something similar

  3. Max, thanks for the link. This photograph of 'Moonraker' is one I haven't seen before. With those very high vulnerable bulwarks and very low freeboard at the stern (18 inches) it is no wonder Ann Pye is reputed to have said "We sail in Gods pocket".
    The photo of Moonraker in the photo was taken in Honolulu in 1953. They would have been on their way to British Columbia (Written about in "The Sea is for Sailing") where they met up with Miles and Beryl Smeeton of 'Tsu Hang' fame.

  4. Apologies for the sentence "The photo of Moonraker in the photo.." very clumsy grammer.


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