Thursday, 6 June 2019

D-Day - 6th June 75 years ago

There were many of these unassuming posters on buildings around Fowey marking both the individuals and the locations which had played a role in the D-Day preparations and the embarkation of the allied forces which began the liberation of Europe seventy five year ago.

A modest tribute but one which clearly says that we remember what you did for us, the legacy of your bravery and fortitude 75 years ago is not forgotten and we are thankful to you that we continue to live in freedom.

I've previously written in admiration about D-Day both locally and from across the channel in France, even today writing these few short words brings a lump to my throat. I shall visit our local memorial to quietly say my thanks.

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  1. my grandpa was in the US Army during WW2 - wasn't at Normandy, but was in Italy and northern Africa. such a tremendous amount of sacrifice all those men and women who fought these battles.


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