Friday 4 January 2019

Start the year

New Year's day, settled and fine with even a little midday sunshine, steely grey broken clouds made for some dramatic afternoon views.

Winds were light but there were still a couple of windsurfers out hoping for more wind and a few paddleboarders hoping for less.

I'd already been out rowing in the early morning, but it was nice to take a late afternoon stroll along Hillhead with views across the Solent.

Earlier in the day dramatic sky on the river down at Hamble. Nice to be out in the fresh air and blow away the cobwebs after Christmas or in my case row away the cobwebs.


  1. Nice photos. Did you get a new camera for Christmas?

  2. Alden Sadly not, it” a 10 year old LUMIX TZ8, small enough to carry everywhere and with 16 x optical zoom, 22x electronic zoom, is really flexible.

  3. Good little camera. I also use a small Lumix. The 'point and shoot' cameras have their limitations but as you have shown (especially you first and last photo in this post) they can take great photos in marginal light conditions.


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