Monday 7 January 2019

Fisherman's Walk

A timely visit to the mill pond at Emsworth gave a great view of the Fisherman's Walk causeway going out to Fowley Island in Chichester harbour.

Admittedly the island doesn't look much and indeed it's probably covered at very high spring tides, but it's location was very important to the local oyster industry back in the 19th century. Around 350 meters long the causeway must have been quite an undertaking and it's endurance over all this time underwater is remarkable.

Some good information on wikipedia 


  1. Way too long ago I learnt to sail on Wayfarers with Emsworth Sailing School... we used to walk along fisherman's walk to get to the boats which were on part tide moorings down there... we did our capsize drill in the pool in the middle of Fowey... happy days... and getting on for 35 years ago now...!

  2. Steve - your very fortunate to be able to live in Emsworth for the for past 35 years , I visited my old manor at the weekend and it reminded me why I moved away:O)


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