Friday 20 July 2018

New Safety Boat

Cadets gather at Hamble river Sailing Club to name the new safety boat Humph.. The purchase of the boat was help by Liz Jowett a founder of the Flagstaff Trust charity which supports sailing on the Hamble.

Liz now 94, started sailing as a girl on the Hamble and through her love of the sport has encouraged youngsters in all types of sailing. Here she enjoys a rousing three cheers.

The Flagstaff Trust for Young Sailors was established in 1999 by members Liz and Humph Jowett, and aims to help youngsters undertake all types of sailing, by offering subsidies on any RYA course. The criteria for qualification are that candidates must be under 18 years old and live within 25 miles of the River Hamble. The administration of the trust is managed by HRSC, which has, so far, helped more than 800 young people to attend RYA training courses.

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