Sunday, 29 July 2018


Varnished folk boat very gently ghosting up the river with the tide, the sea breeze has just about run out.

Not a bad way to spend a sunny afternoon.


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  2. Ghosting up!?
    You British speak so good english! ;)
    For us (non-native speakers) some expressions sound unachievably effective for precise effortless description... uou!! :)
    It's been too long since I anchored here for last time... Pleasure to read you, Max.


  3. Nice looking boat but drifter days with light wind drive me crazy. I’m too fat to sit and sweat in a drifter breeze, I’d rather just swim at that point.

  4. Pablo, I think Spanish is a colourful language too, no mucho tio! I was trying to find the origin of ghosting but can't find anything perhaps it's sailing the very light winds called zephyrs?

    M2fish - I don't mind so much on flat calm water, but out in the Solent with all the motorboat was sailing in light winds is horrible - much better to crank up the engine.


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