Monday 23 April 2018

On the hard at Dolphin Quay

Seen at Dolphin quay, what I presume is a small centre board yacht awaiting restoration or perhaps someone with the enthusiasm to embark on a restoration.

The Finess21 designed and built by Alan Platt was a popular clinker built centre board yacht, but the bows here seem more raked and perhaps with a finer entry, so if anyone has more information I'd be pleased to hear from you,

The planking is very nicely laid out and really shows the volume midships, compared to the fine ends

I didn't really get a good look around, but she didn't look in too bad a shape, hopefully we might see her looking newly painted and varnished soon.


  1. ..I think it more likely they are abandoned... they have been there for as long as I can remember (years), and the yard has gone now... shame.. I like the one behind under the shredded tarp.

  2. Not a Finesse as it doesn’t have a wineglass transom, bow is wrong too...

  3. I agree with Paul, it's not a Finesse.... and I agree with Steve, the one under the shredded tarp looks really interesting - is it a David Moss 'Otter' class? That's a lot of agreeing ... time for a lie down.
    Whoops which means that I disagree with you Max - BUT I agree with your strategy of posting photos of ordinary little boats around where you live... which is Always very interesting.

  4. ooh - I like that boat - very elegant. Well worth a restoration. Hope you and family are well Max.

  5. Love the look of this boat - hull shape, color, everything. Hopefully someone brings back to use at some point before its too far gone.


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